Mustard Mask for Longer Hair

My husband-to-be loves my long hair, unfortunately I got carried away not too long ago at a hairdresser, and more than necessary was cut.  As our wedding is coming up, I so want for my hair to be long, so decided to use this particular hair mask.  So far I did notice that my hair is growing faster (usually it is horribly slow).


You will need:

2 Tbl Spoons of ground mustard (I actually buy a mustard powder in Russian store, used US as well, but Russian seems to have more bite, though both kinds work)

2 Tbl spoons of hot water

2 Tbl spoons of any oil (I use either olive or burdock root depending on what I have)

1 egg yolk

2 T spoons of sugar

Mix mustard with water, add oil, yolk and sugar and mix very well.  Now that we got our bright yellow mix, we come to the most important part.  Part your hair and put the mix on your head, all over your head trying to aim mostly for the skin.  Do not put it on hair ends, in fact, warm up some oil and put it on the ends of your hair to moisturize.  After you get rid of most of the mix (I actually never manage to use it all), put on a shower cap, and on top of it something warm (wool hat, shawl, warm towel, etc), I use the wool hat I take to Banya.  Voila, you’re done with the hard part and now can sit and relax, may be use this time to put on some facial mask, I mean you do have that egg white left over.  Yes, it will probably start burning, but it’s a good burn.  You have to sit AT LEAST 15 minutes (up to an hour if you can manage).  Don’t worry, you hair will not burn off your head, so unless you are allergic to some ingredients (and hopefully you know before hand), then you should be OK…and yes, I can’t guarantee anything, but I am not the only one who tried this and still have all my hair and more.  So sit tight and think of your long, thick, luxurious hair…

After at least 15 minutes, wash the mask away with warm water and then use your favorite shampoo.  You’re done!  This mask should be done at least once a week for at least 1 or 2 month depending how slow is your hair growth.


Do I need to use only mustard powder.  Can I use mustard, seeds, pepper?

Mustard power is a main ingredient.  Do you need a flour for the cake?  Yes, you do.  You need powder for this recipe.   I am not sure about grounding seeds, I would think it will work as it’s what powder is, but the mustard will not since it has other ingredients.

Will it damage my hair?

Everyone’s hair is very different and only you know yours.  Try it once for a little bit and see how your hair reacts.  If you have very weak, or damaged hair then don’t leave it for very long.  And absolutely make sure you are using something moisturizing on the ends.

Will it damage feather or any other extensions?

I honestly don’t know.  This is an old recipe and I don’t use extensions.  I had feathers on once but didn’t use mask then.  Try putting foil on to protect them.

Will it color my hair?

I’ve never heard of that happening and I had people who were blonds, brunettes and redheads use it, both with natural and colored hair.  But again, everyone’s hair is different.  If you are not sure, try it on a tiny part to see.

The main answer here is that everyone is different.  Your scalp, your hair even the place where you live and water can affect anything.  I always try something new for may be 10-15 minutes to make sure and see how it effects me.  I would love to hear about your experiences and how it worked for you.  It really helped me, but I know some people who did it for couple of month and it didn’t help.


223 thoughts on “Mustard Mask for Longer Hair

  1. Thanks so much for the recipe! I just had a quick question…I followed the directions exactly (except for the ground mustard part. I only had mustard powder) and it didn’t burn at all, just got a little bit warm. Do I need ground mustard for it to work properly?

  2. Hey, even if you have thin hair like I do, it will not burn it. Mustard simply affects sensors in your scalp so they think your head is on fire for better blood circulation but this is it. Same is for pepper (which you can use as well) – it slightly irritates your scalp for better blood flow.

  3. I’m trying it right now. Left it on for an hour. Ill come back and let you know after a month and see if there are any results!

  4. Could you sleep with this mask on your hair and then wash it off in the morning or would it just be best to wash it out after a hour ?

  5. Thanks for the recipe! I’m doing my first mask right now! I feel the burn! haha. I’m so excited about this. I’ve been looking all over for things to help my hair grow. I really hope this works for me. I really want longer hair, but my hair usually gets a little past my shoulders and stops really growing much. Can you continue to do this mask for longer than a month or two if necessary?

    • Same with me. I can’t get my hair past my shoulders, but I have a hypothyroidism too, so I will try anything.

  6. Can I subsitute the dry mustard for two or three times more of prepared mustard? Would it work? And if so would it work slightly less?

  7. I live in the Tropics where it’s sunny every day, so I’ve been maintaining a lob (long bob) to a pretty bob cut and pixie look. But I really, really wanted a loooong hair and get some boho waves. I’ve had my fair share using some over-the-counter products to get longer hair, but got no desirable results. I’m at the point of getting extensions, and found this recipe. I’m pretty excited to try this out! And see how long it goes 🙂

    • Hi Gracie,

      Did it work for you? I live in the tropics and really want to try this as I’ve just chopped of my hair to grow it natural.

  8. Can i keep the left overs in the fridge for next time? I also was wondering if anyone noticed a new hair growth? As i am understanding the burning brings more blood to the scalp and blood is full of nutrients and thats what makes hair grow faster, so i would think it should encourage new hair growth as well.

  9. Will this damage your hair? you mentioned to avoid getting it on the ends of your hair, so would it be because it drys out the hair?

  10. I’m about to try this because I have very little hair, it is pretty much a boy cut and I would very much like to grow it out some before prom because I think my boyfriend (as well as myself) would like it better. Thanks for the great tips! The comments really helped, and I too, will measure it’s a T-shirt and a sharpie

  11. On the sugar portion, with the capital T do you mean teaspoon since the others say Tbl or do you still mean Tablespoon?

  12. Does it help to thicken hair or just grow? I don’t really care about the length of my hair, but I would love to thicken it up.

  13. I found this recipe on Pinterest first but need a little more direction (like how long to keep on my head…lol) which led me to this post. I’ve completed three treatments so far and can see a noticeable difference in the length of my hair!! I was skeptical at first (just my nature) so I’ve been taking pictures each week (wearing the same horizontal lined sweater) to show myself the growth. It works and I’ve been suggesting it to all my friends that want to grow their hair faster 🙂 Thank you for posting this! Take care!!

  14. Ok im gonna give it a try… an let ya know in 2months how it goes. I have tried everything from special shampoos, conditioners, expensive vial treatment, massages, oils, vit. Pills…u name it ive tried it…I have very thin dry hair and come from a family where on my dads side they are all bald an my moms side they all have extremly thin hair…my hair is longish but I wanna see if it will help my bald spot 🙂 im 28 an yes have a bald spot lol I will try anything:)

    • Egg adds shine and softness, makes hair stronger and more elastic. It also has lots of vitamins such as А, В2, В3, В6, В12, D, Е plus phosphoros, biotin and other stuff. I sometimes wash my hair with egg yolk as a shampoo. Egg yolk is good for dry and normal hair and for oily hair, the egg white is better

    • it’s individual. Mine were shoulder length when I started, in about a 2 month it grew about 2-3 inches (which is a lot for me as mine grows very slow), i had a friend who got same result in a month

    • It always burns with me, means it working. Of course if it burns so bad that you can’t handle it, take it off, you may have something on your head, like a scratch or a pimple

    • I honestly don’t know. The egg yolk is good for hair because it has lots of vitamins like E, B, D and so on. You can try without it and may be add a few drops of vitamin E oil instead?

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  16. My scalp isn’t tingling or burning, does this mean it isn’t working? My friend used the same mixture I did and her head was burning and tingling within seconds?

  17. I am trying this right now and I canot wait to see the results in a month or so!!!! My hair is just below my shoulders and it has basically stopped growing :(! I am going on a huge trip for school in November and I really want long hair! I really can’t wait to see the results!!

  18. I did the hair mask and it did not burn or tingle my scalp! My friend used the same mixture and hers started to burn within seconds, if mine is not burning does that mean it isn’t working for my scalp? I know my scalp isn’t as sensitive as hers but I assume it needs to burn a little to make the blood circulate. Help!

    • try adding a bit more sugar, but it may not burn. I know that mine doesn’t always burn, and my friend’s doesn’t burn at all and her hair still grows.

  19. Why cant you get it on your ends? Does it damage them? I have really really short hair so its hard to avoid.

      • I can’t haha. The back of my head the length is only about the width of my finger. So I just gave up with the oil thing and when I’m done use a moisturizer. Think it will help…

  20. I want to try this. But, I am scared that it will make my hair fall out. My hair is a little below my shoulders. Over the summer ’til the middle of August, how long do you think it would grow if I did this weekly??

  21. Been taking biotin to help my hair grow and am getting impatient. My hair is a short layered bob. I’m so excited to try this! Thank you!

  22. Hi:)
    So I really want to do this hair mask since I cut my hair short after having extremely long hair and now I hate it! My mom doesn’t want me to do the mask though, because she thinks it’ll be damaging to the hair. Could you please explain any side effects that it might have to my health, my hair, my scalp etc. Thanks 🙂

    • I’m due for my second mask this Friday so maybe it’s a bit early for me to say anything… But I didn’t notice anything from the time that I used the mask. The heating freaked me out a bit at first but it wasn’t terrible kinda nice actually :P. Anyway if you are extra worried about it drying out your hair use a kind of moisture serum/cream. (I have to cause of my super short hair lol) Me being me I would suggest the Organic coconut milk anti-breakage serum or the split end mender. Then if you are still worried go ahead and get the shampoo and conditioner as well. Just because its not as harsh as some other shampoos/conditioners. Its pretty nice but for that you don’t have to get the coconut milk kind like I use the biotin and collagen kind… this is all up to you thought.

    • Hi Ramona. I can only base it on myself. I never had any side effects besides having some dry hair when I forgot to put oil on couple of times, my own fault. Moisturized excessively and it was fine after a week. I honestly never had hair falling out, or discoloration or anything of sorts, but I only do it for 2 month at a time, after that my scalp becomes bit dry, I need a break. Have a friend who does it 2/week for 6 month and she is all good. So it really depends on the hair. I would suggest you try it on for may be 15-20 minutes and see how your hair react if any

  23. kamalI m an Indian girl with black hair..I want to try it...but my question is will it make any difference to my hair color.. says:

    I m an Indian girl with black hair..I want to try it…but my question is will it make any difference to my hair color..

  24. Just put it on now for the first time. We’ll see how it goes. It’s definitely tingling. I had long hair down to my bra strap and cut bangs about a month ago and now I’m completely over them! I then cut my length off about 4″ to bring the length up a bit so when it grows out there isn’t this huge “gap” in the length of the bangs growing out and the rest of my head. I don’t mind the length (a few inches below my shoulders) but these damn bangs! UGH. LOL. They are too short to do a sideswipe and Ive been pinning them back and spraying them with hairspray to keep them off my face. Never again with bangs. I don’t know what I was thinking (clearing I wasn’t).

  25. Awesome blog! Thank you for the advice and tips, I’ll definitely will try it. I do however would like for some of you ladies to share your before and after pictures to encourage one another.

  26. Hi. I had an operation last month. I engraved my hair. Hair grwoth is important for me. You say ”I hair did 2 inches” How much time ? 1 month or 2 months. Note : I dont konow English well. Thank you advance for help.

  27. Hey!!
    Okay I have natural blonde hair. I dyed it dark and just got it back to the color it is suppose to be. But my question is will the mask turn my hair yellow? I really want to try this but I love the color of my hair and I do not want to mess it up in any way. Please let me know ASAP if you or anyine else has any experience using this on blonde hair. Thank you!

  28. I told my friend I’m doing this mask and she wants to do it to but her hair is really short ! Would it damage her hair if she use it twice a week? Or do you think that her hair will grow faster?

    • I have a pixie cut and there hasn’t been any damage. I used Organix Coconut mill anti breakage serum after I was my hair too so I suggest something like that.

  29. I’m already on my second week and yet I haven’t seen any changes! After you started the treatment when did you start seeing the difference? I really hope it works for me! 🙂

  30. DONT TRY! I only left this mask on for 15 miunutes and after I got out of the shower to brush my hair, chunks of dry skin and dandruff were coming off everywhere! I dont have a dry scalp normally so this is definitely not a “good” burning I experienced. Dont try and just grow your hair out naturally!

  31. I have bleached hair… platinum blonde. Do you think this will stain my hair? I don’t want it to end up yellow near my head, lol

  32. Using a good organic ground mustard will probably make a good burn 🙂 It does for me the longer I leave it in. It never burns immediately. I leave it on for an hour an use a mask like you suggested. I’m on my second week so I’ll also let you know how it goes… I’m excited :0

  33. My hair is dyed blonde and I’m worried about this affecting my color but I really want to try it. Do you know anyone who has blonde hair that has tried it?

  34. I love long hair, but i get split ends alot so it seems like my hair isn’t really growing. if i accidently get the mask on the ends, will it make my split ends worse? And I have thin hair, do you know if this would work as to thicken it? Thanks!! (Is this the only recipe you have for hair?)

  35. I have been doing this mask once a week for over a month and my hair has not grown anymore than usual, neither did my friends hair, I guess it doesn’t work for everyone

  36. I’m really glad that I’ve done this thank you sooooo mutch I really have seen a lot of changes my did got longer after one month even though I don’t have straight or soft hair! I will continue to apply the mask every week till the end of August! I guess 3 months ( is that ok?) I would like it if my hair grows longer before school starts!

  37. Has anybody with permed hair or texturizer tried this mask? Has it done any damage to your hair? Please tell me as soon as possible! Thank you….

  38. does this work if i only do half of everything, and without the egg yolk?because i don’t have alot of ground mustard, and my mom doesn’t want me to use her eggs… also, how long does it grow after two treatments? after 3 months? will it work if i only do it twice a month instead of 4 time?

  39. I tried this about four months ago when my hair was really short, its now nearly 3.5 inches longer and a bit thicker too. my hair is natural dark blonde but I’ve died it platinum, the mustard did add a slight yellow tint to it for about 2 days but it shampooed out nicely. it tinged a bit the first few times but so far no burning. Ive stopped using this every week and only do it once a month. my hair is still growing like crazy.

  40. I believe this will only help to balance the health of the scalp. Not hurt. The mustard and good benefits of oil and egg nutrients have soothed my occasional patches of dermatitis! Also it probably kills any fungus or bacteria that could be lurking in the scalp to cause dandruff. It does the work on the scalp so, in my opinion, it shouldn’t matter if your hair is damp or not clean etc. One application is not really giving it a real try.

  41. The directions call for shampoo when washing out the mask, can you condition as well? what kind of shampoo and conditioner do you recommend?

  42. So after three weeks of trying this I found my hair had grown quite a bit but when I brush my hair the bathroom sink is black. My hair is falling out, breaking off, dry and frizzy. It might just be my hair but I’m not very happy with the results. I really hope this will work for everyone else who tries it.

  43. I’m going to try this. I read a lot of the replies and know a little about each ingredient already and I see how this will work. For anyone having issues you may have to adjust the measurements. If you have a sensitive scalp, put a little less sugar or mustard. more oil for dry and buy bigger eggs. I may start this weekend and give some updates. I’m African American with natural hair and I have a sensitive scalp. I may use a thicker oil like caster oil because I also have dry hair.

  44. So the first time I used this mask I kept it on for a very short time because some website told me that if it ever felt uncomfortable you should remove the mask immediatly. I got some results, though my Mom didn’t seem to see any. I have been doing the mask 2 times a week for a bout 2 weeks since my first treatment and I’ve been keeping it on for the full hour because another site told me to just keep it on even though its uncomfortable. I have had zero results since my first treatment. Am I doing something wrong? What should I do to try and get more results?

  45. Okay so my ends are already dry from chlorine and I want my hair to grow longer faster but my mom does not suggest this and I’m trying to figure out wether or not I should do this thing becuz idk if it will work 😁

  46. Hi, just tried this and i must have read over some of the instructions. (whoops) … i accidentally put the egg yolk AND the egg white in my mask. Will this affect me any different? Will it still work?

  47. I have only done this treatment once but I am already getting comments on how long my hair is getting! I’m doing my second treatment right now (:

  48. I started to see results by the 4th treatment! My hair probably started groing earlier but I guess I didn’t really pay attention. By my fourth week I saw a huge change. My opinion is positive @hannah

  49. Last time i did my mask I felt a weird sensation! For two days my scalp was sensitive and it kind of hurt a little! I couldn’t comb it or anything but its all good now! I just wanted to know if this is normal or does it mean that my hair is growing???? Should I stop the treatment since I’m on my 6th week?

    • I left mine on a little too long because I was lazy and the same thing happened. My scalp got a little irritated but I’m sure rubbing a little coconut oil (unrefined, extra virgin of course) will get any inflammation down. I’m on my 4th week too and my hair is definitely longer! 🙂

      • Hi, I’m from South Africa, a black African girl. I used the mask on my relaxed hair and thank God it didn’t fall out. I didn’t add any sugar since it was my first time but I definitely felt the burn. Ill be doing my second treatment this week and I really hope to see some amazeball results by the end of this month.

  50. I’ve been trying to grow my hair out for the past 3 years. It used to be super long, but I cut it up to my chin and in 3 years it has only gotten to my shoulder! Anyway, I’ve tried absolutely everything so I was really skeptical about this, but I tried it for the first time today. My hair is dyed lighter than my natural hair color and before I put it on today, I had NO hair growth on my scalp. I left it on for an hour and a half, washed it out, and there’s already about two millimeters of new hair growth! :O even my sister noticed it. I’m definitely going to keep this up.

  51. I have been doing this mask for 1 time each week for 2 weeks and can already notice a difference in the length of my hair!! 🙂

  52. I did my first treatment maybe 2 weeks ago and haven’t had a chance to do it again, but already my hair has grown half an inch

  53. Hi… I’m very interested in Trying this Recipe. I have very very light blond hair. Will it turn my Blond hair Yellow or not?

    Warm Regards

  54. i have been looking for ways to grow my hair for a while now, and nothing really seems to work but i have the mask on now so fingers crossed that it actually works!

  55. I’m at week two of this treatment. I have it on right now, and it’s burning like crazy. 🙂 First time I did it, it felt like a lot of my hair fell afterwards. I was quite nervous at first because I thought it could have been a scam and my hair was now falling off. Fortunately, it was just a scare. I don’t know if my hair has grown in a week, but I noticed some major brown roots a couple of days ago (I colored my hair black two weeks ago). So it’s either working, or the mask removed the black and what I see are my old roots… 🙂 I’m also taking biotin, which is supposed to help. At week four, I will take a picture and do a “before and after” comparison. I’ll let you know.

  56. just tried tgis and it has only been 3min and my head already burns
    🙂 and this is my first try so i`ll get back here in a few weeks to tell ya
    if it works. And just a quick question,I went and bought my mustard powder from
    Walmart ,it cost about 4.00 dollars is there anywhere I can get this cheaper?

  57. Should you not continue this mask after 2 months? Just wondering if it’s something you can continue to use or if theres some reason you only recommend 2 months.

    • I would suggest to take a month off, scalp is somewhat sensitive so that’s what I do because it just becomes a bit dry. A friend of mine did it for 6 month in a row with no side effect. Everyone is very different

  58. omg i am so excited about trying this!!! i have really REALLY curly hair and so any growth happens in spirals- doesn’t show basically…fingers crossed!

    • I don’t know…I don’t think canola oil is a really healthy choice for anything, but that’s my opinion. I would think any oil would do. I’ve used grapeseed and sunflower

  59. I just started this treatment and I be leave it’s working cause my hair is dyed like a brownish blond and obviously you can see the growth because my hair is a darker shade of brown and I can see a forth of an inch on it already. I want at least a little bit past my shoulders oh my goch! I would love this. I’m also a skeptic when it comes to recipes like these you know , but I like to give such things the benefit of a doubt .😉

  60. i left it about 12 minutes (kind of wish i left it about for 30 minutes) and it’s my first time …. i have a bob and i was wondering for the 1st time that i do it HOW LONG SHOULD IT GROW?? (my mom has doubts about this and she was wondering that if i did it 2 times this month… would it still work???) I’M DYING TO HAVE LONG HAIR! (please reply!!!)

  61. HI ..Can i add egg white also?? As egg white is also very beneficial for hairs..pls rpl soon as i wanna start this treatment ASAP 🙂

  62. Hi, I’m from South African, a black African girl. I started using the treatment last week and thank God it did’t fall out! I didn’t add any sugar but i still felt a burn. I used the mask on my relaxed hair and I’ll be doing my second treatment this weekend. Will let you know it it goes 🙂

  63. I used the mask again and this time I added a bit of sugar and it took a while for me to feel the burn. I have noticed though, I only feel a burn in the front part of my head. No extraordinary results as yet but will keep posting my journey.

  64. I’m on my first session and I have 2 questions.. 1) my head itches a tiny bit, is that normal?.. And 2) do u have to do it every week because I was thinking about doing it everyother week so my hair could have a longer break and maybe not get dryed out? Btw thanks for the recipe! I’ll tell at how it goes!!

      • oil is simply more mosturizing, but conditioner is good. And you can use it as often as you like, you know your hair the best. Some use it few times a week, some use it once a month

  65. I’ve used it maybe 3 times (3 weeks) and haven’t seen any results yet. But im curious when it passes 2 months! 😀

    I just wonder, do anyone else find it hard to get it exactly on your scalp? Cause for me it doesn’t burn as much as everyone else’s is saying that it does. For example now it only burns a little on the front part of the scalp, nothing in the back, and I did try to rub it in as much as possible.

    Would it still work if it’s not burning?

  66. I’m on week 7 and there is definately some growth. My hair is growing much faster. It’s difficult to see because my hair grows in very tight coils but so far its just past my shoulders. I usually deep condition my hair afterwards. Emma trying a bit more sugar in the mask, that might make you feel a burn. I read that for some people it still works even if it doesnt burn.

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